3 Working methods “How to hack free fire diamonds” [2022]

Welcome Readers, I Hope You All Are Well. So Today We Have Something For You And that’ is how to hack free fire diamonds. In this article, you will get to know how to hack free fire diamonds. We All Know That it is a bit difficult to solve the problem of how to hack free fire diamonds. So Don’t Worry I Will tell you. How to fix this problem in an easy way Or without Any Error. If you came for it, Then You Are in the Right Place to know how to hack free fire diamonds. Here You Get All The Answers Easily!

About the free fire game

The full name of the Free fire game is Garina Free Fire but it is more famous as Free Fire. Free Fire is a battle royale game in India, this game is developed by 111 dots studio and is published by Garena. This game is played on both mobile phones for both Android and iOS, it is the most downloaded game in the month of August 2019, this game has set a record that 150 million people play this game every day globally. And in 2021 4 billion people have played this game.

Free Fire is an adventure game, this game has earned a lot of popularity when pubs were banned in India, it is the most popular game, at the present time in India’s 2022 and its rating on the play store is also the highest. This is the most downloaded game from 2019 till now and people are also liking this game very much.

In this game, you can play by applying strategy according to your own or according to your team, the interface at the start of this game is such that you have to land by airplane, your enemies also land with you after landing you. You have to kill your anime by finding the weapon with the team, you will get a lot of weapons in the weapon and you will also get the grenade you have to come first to win the match.

There is a total of five modes in the free fire game, Team deathmatch, in this, you will get 2 maps in which you have to kill some people in a small area. The second one is Arena training in a small ground in which you have to fight with your anime, in this also you get 2 maps and the third one is a gun game In this also you get 2 maps, in this also you have to fight with your enemy and you have to come first and the fourth one is Domination, in this you get only 1 map, in this also you have to fight the enemy with your team, and the fifth one is Assult mode in this you get 1 map in this too you have to fight with your anime and win the match.

People who play a lot of games like to play free games, there are some things in them that you have to purchase like diamonds and many more and developers keep bringing offers after paying attention to all these things but many offers are like this. You do not get any benefit, just money is taken from you in the name of a discount, now we will tell you how by using the redeem code, you can buy it for very little money.

What are free fire Diamonds?

Diamond is very important to be in Free Fire, it means that you can get it for free Elite Pass, Character, Pets, Gun Skin, and Vehicle Skin, many players of Free Fire, have very good skin. You must have seen that all those people skin them by doing diamonds, today we will also tell you about an auto generator that you can also take diamonds for free and mourn your friends.

GameGarena Free Fire
Developer111dots Studio
TopicFree Diamonds For Free Fire
Moth-year25 April 2022
RewardsDiamonds For Free Fire
Last updateEvery-Day
Diamonds amount50000

How to hack free fire diamonds

How to hack free fire diamonds Yes, it is true that you can hack free fire diamonds and enjoy playing it. You will be given the below steps and a link, you have to go to the link and by following the steps you will get a free diamond, You will not face any problem in getting free diamonds. We only offer authentic and original apps and links for our users. How to hack free fire diamonds is a bit difficult because it is not available on any official website. so we will tell you How to hack free fire diamonds, That too in an easy way without any problem.

Method 1. FF redemption site.

This is a free diamond site, for free fire, you get free diamonds, follow some steps, those steps will get you down and you can get free diamonds by following them.

Diamond Generator redeem CodeAmount Of DiamondAdditional Rewards
LSK-OS8D-SD76Code for 1000 Diamond GeneratorLOL Emote
LSK8-LS8D-LS8DCode for 2000 Diamond GeneratorPirate Flag Emote
LS8D-SLD8-SLD8Code for 10000 Diamond GeneratorSakura Bundle
SKD8-SJD7-S8D7506 DiamondsClap Emote
KS87-S8DD-8A7S667 DiamondsMagic Cube
MN89-MN98-NSD7130 DiamondS300 Gold Coins
MN89-NB67-S8D7250 Diamonds700 Gold Coins
BS67-SJD7-S8D7100 Diamonds860 Gold Coins
86DF-NB78-MN895 Diamonds990 Gold Coins
MN89-MN89-S7D67 Diamonds1950 Gold Coins
MN89-S7D7-S8D713 Diamonds7 Magic Cube
BR67-S8D7-S8D725 Diamonds9 Magic Cube
M7SD-8S7D-SBD61 DiamondCustom Room Card
S8D7-MNBH-SJD722 DiamondsCustom Room Card
S9D7-S87S-S9D835 DiamondSCustom Room Card
MN78-S8D7-S8D740 Diamond3D Summan Airdrop
SID8D-DHU4-8S7D50 Diamonds4X Gold royal Voucher
8S7D-NB78-S8D770 Diamonds8X Gold royal Voucher
MN78-AS54-ASR5120 Diamonds13X Gold royal Vouche
QYW5-DB6F-LK87400 Diamond16X Gold royal Voucher
SJD7-MN78-MN78430 Diamonds3X Diamond royal Voucher
S8D6-LK89-NS7D130 Diamonds6X Diamond royal Voucher
S7D6-NB87-LSID560 Diamonds12X Diamond royal Voucher
N7DS-S7S6-SHD6320 Diamonds30X Diamond royal Voucher
FR56-S8D7-S8D6670 Diamond36X Diamond royal Voucher
MNY6-HT67-GT67790 DiamondAlok Character
MNH6-S8D7-MNH6760 DiamondWukong Character
JA7D-MK78-MNH6460 DiamondsA124 Character
MN67-MN76-MNH6180 DiamondsMOCO Character
MN76-MK98-NS78950 DiamondsJoker Bundle
MK89-NMU8-HF6480 DiamondsNight Clown Bundle
SMD7-FYYF-DYF6320 DiamondsKing’s Sword Bundle
DJFY7-DUF7-S4A5240 DiamondsBandit Bundle
MN78-S7D7-BH67180 DiamondsMP40 Loot Crate

You Will Be Able To Use It Very Easily. You Will Not Have Any Problem In Using It. Here you will find some easy steps. Follow this for how to hack free fire diamonds. Simply follow and grab it. So let’s Get Started.

Also read, How to get redeem code for free fire

Step 1. You have to go to the FD redemption site by clicking on this link

Step 2. You have to log in with your Free Fire account

Step 3. You have to enter 12 words redemption code

Step 4. Then you have to click on the option of redeem.

Step 5. After that, you have to open the free fire game and you have to click on the email section, you have to collect all the emails and now you can use free diamonds

Method 2. Free fire hack website

This is also a free diamond generator in which you get free diamonds, how we will tell you, you just have to follow the steps given below, after that you can get free diamonds.

Step 1. You have to go to the Free fire hack website site by clicking on this link

Step 2. After that, a page will open in front of you, where you must enter your user ID.

Step 3. Then you have to select the device from whichever device you play the game Android and IOS

Step 4. After that, you have to click on the Proceed button

Step 5. Then you have to select the diamond quantity for example 50000

Step 6. Then you will see a generate button, you have to click on it

Step 7. After that, a page will open, and you have to do human verification, you have to complete it.

Step 8. And then you have to wait sometime automatically diamond will come into your account

Method 3. Media reward app

Media reward app is an earning app in which you have to complete some tasks and collect points, you will get as many points as you complete the task but how to do this app for diamonds of free fire we will tell you people then follow the steps.

Step 1. You have to download Media Reward App by visiting the given link

Step 2. After that you have to open the app, there you will get a sign up with Google option, you have to sign in with your Google account.

Step 3. After that, you will get many tasks, and you must complete them to collect points.

Step 4. After that, you have to exchange your points for 2500 by going to collect the reward option

Step 5. After that, you can transfer it to your Paytm account or you can also exchange it with an Amazon gift card.

  • After that you will have to wait for some time before your withdrawal request will be accepted after that you will get 2500 rupees in your account and you can buy free fire diamonds

Step1. You have to open the codashop app by clicking on the link

Step 2. You have to select 1000 Diamonds from the top-up plan for your Free Fire account

Step 3. After that, you have to enter your Free Fire ID in the game name one option

Step 4. After that, you have to select Paytm in the payment method and after that, you have to pay the required amount like 2500 rupees which you got from the media reward app


Free Fire is an online gaming platform, in which if you want skins of guns, cars, costumes, and emotes, then you need diamonds for which you have to pay, but in this article, how you can get diamonds for free without paying money. It is told that you just have to follow the given steps and you can get free diamonds and enjoy the game even more.


Q Whatever sites you have mentioned in this, are all these sites safe?

Yes, this site is safe, all the sites we mention are safe in the articles.

Q How to use the code of diamonds that you have given

In this article, you have been Told 3 methods, you have been told the steps of each of the methods, you just have to follow those steps.

Q Do all these diamond codes work?

Yes, all these diamonds code work.

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