7 working methods to fix “Hotstar not working”

Welcome readers, we hope you are all fine, so today we are back again with a new post for Hotstar not working. We all know that Hotstar not working is a big problem and it is complicated to solve it but you do not need to worry if you have come for this how to solve this problem. So today we will tell you in this article how you can solve the Hotstar not working problem too for free, without any problem or error on your device so let’s start.

What is Hotstar?

We all use Hotstar, this is a video streaming platform where you can watch movies, web series, animated, live cricket matches, and much more, on this you have to take a subscription to watch all this and download it on iOS, Android, and PC. You can also watch these things on PC and Ios device this application support all devices. Hotstar has some Co-brand services like Pixar, Marvel Studios, HBO, National Geography, etc.

Why is Hotstar not working?

There can be many regions of this problem but we have mentioned some main regions in this article, due to which it is problem you just have to follow the given method after that, your problem will be solved.

  • Buffer in videos
  • App crashing
  • Clear cache and data
  • check your internet connection
  • update your app
  • Restart the device
  • Reinstall the app

Buffer in videos

Many times it happens that when we watch any video, that video buffers a lot, due to which we have a lot of trouble, we get irritated, then to fix that problem, you put the phone in airplane mode. Have to give it for a while and then remove it from airplane mode because sometimes the internet does not work due to some issue then after putting it in airplane mode the issue gets fixed and this is a very short method to fix the internet issue.

App crashing I Hotstar not working

Many times what happens when we use any app, it crashes which means when you open the app, the application closes automatically, why does this happen, no one knows its region and we do not understand. What do we do, whenever you install an application, try to download it from the official site, many people go to any website and install the app, due to which this error comes again and again if that app is on Google Play Store. You can download it from there or else from its official website.

Clear cache and data

Many times what happens is that whatever app we use, a lot of corrupted files are stored in the app, due to which that app is not able to run properly and you get to see this problem, you have to solve this problem by following the given steps

Step 1. First of all, you have to long-press on the icon of the Hotstar app, then a pop will show, you have to click on the option of App Info in it.

Hotstar not working

Step 2. After that you will get to the internal storage option, you have to click on that option

Hotstar not working

Step 3. After that you will get to see 2 options, Catch and Data, you have to click on both of them one by one, after that you will get the option of one.

Step 4. You have to click on that ok option, you have to do this in both

Step 5. After that, you have to check whether your method worked or not.

Check your internet connection

Sometimes this problem also comes to us due to the internet, then you have to check your internet connection work properly if you have connected the mobile to wifi then restart your router and try again or if you are connected to your mobile to a friends hotspot through then put your mobile in airplane mode and try again after a while.

And if you are using your mobile data, then you have to check whether your internet is working or not, if it is not, then you have to restart your phone once, by doing this you will definitely solve the problem. Will be done

Update your app – Hotstar not working

We always do the app but do not update it in the updated app so that if there is any error or bug in the app, then it fixes it and we do not pay attention to all these things, so the app always should be updated, if you have downloaded the app from Google Play Store, then check it and update it or you will get the option of update in many apps, then you can update from there too.

Restart the device

There are many problems with our phone, now like this app does not work well, so for this, you have to restart your phone, restarting fixes many problems, in android mobile you have to restart first. And after that, you have to open the Hotstar app again and check whether it works or not.

Reinstall the app

When the problem is not solved even after trying all the options, then the last option left with you is to uninstall the app and reinstall it again. You have to go to Play Store, search Hotstar and there will be an uninstall option, you have to uninstall the app by clicking on it, then reinstall it, by doing this your problem will be solved.


Hotstar is a platform where you can watch movies, web series, and live cricket, it is a born app and nowadays a problem is being seen in it that it is not working properly then how to fix it, in this article you will get The same has been told, you just have to follow the given methods, after that, your problem will be solved.


Q The method you have told is all safe?

Whatever method we have told you is all safe.

Q Why this problem happens in Hotstar?

This problem is very common in the hottest, you can solve it easily, for that you have to follow the methods given by this article.

Q There is such an app like Hotstar where we can watch all the content for free?

Yes, there are many apps for watching content free like Pikashow, Thop tv, and many more.

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