Airtel sim not working suddenly [2022]

Welcome readers, we hope that you are all fine, so today we are back again with a new post for the Airtel sim not working suddenly. We all know that the Airtel sim not working suddenly is a difficult problem, but you do not need to worry if you have come for this to solve this problem on your android phone, then you have come to the right place. So today we will tell you in this article how you can solve this problem Airtel sim not working suddenly too for free, without any problem or error on your device so let’s start.

About Airtel

Bharti Airtel Limited is known as Airtel, it is an Indian multinational telecommunications company. It is based in Delhi, it operates in 18 countries, which includes 18 countries in South Asia and Africa and also includes Channel Islands Airtel 2G, 4G Provides LTE, 4G + mobile service, and also provides fixed-line broadband. Airtel was named India’s second most valuable brand for the first time by Brands Ranking by Millward Brown and App. Airtel had launched its VoLTE technology in all the states, it is the second-largest mobile network company in India and the second-largest mobile network operation in the whole world.

Airtel is credited with pioneering the business strategy of outsourcing all of its business operations except marketing, sales, and finance and building the ‘minutes factory’ model of low cost and high volumes. The strategy has since been adopted by several operators. Airtel’s equipment is provided and maintained by Ericsson, Huawei, and Nokia Networks[9] whereas IT support is provided by Amdocs. The transmission towers are maintained by subsidiaries and joint venture companies of Bharti including Bharti Infratel and Indus Towers in India. Ericsson agreed for the first time to be paid by the minute for installation and maintenance of their equipment rather than being paid upfront, which allowed Airtel to provide low call rates of ₹1 (1.3¢ US)/minute.

Reason Why: Airtel sim not working suddenly

Here you can have many problems due to SIM not working, such as physical damage to SIM, damage to SIM slot, recharge is over, SIM is not installed properly, new SIM, SIM becomes old, SIM deactivates There are many such problems due to which the sim stops working.

How to Fix Airtel Sim Not Working Issue?

There can be many regions, we have brought you the solution to all the problems in this article today because of the SIM not working, out of this, there is a more common problem which we have told you, so let’s start.

Method: 1

Quick steps to fix this problem.

  • Power off your phone, & remove the SIM card
  • Clean the gold plated area of your SIM card using a neat cloth to remove the dirt
  • Insert the SIM card properly in slot 1 (if you have a dual SIM phone)
  • Switch on your device, by pressing the power button
  • Go to the phone settings, and toggle the airplane mode
  • Change the device network selection to Automatic mode
  • Change the network mode to 4G/3G Recommended
  • Update your phone software to the latest version

Method: 2

  • New sim – When you take a new sim, it takes time to activate the sim, sometimes it is quick and sometimes it takes a lot of time, so you have to go to the store from where you purchased the sim and share this problem with them. They will tell you what is the problem and when will it be fixed.
  • Old sim – The sim stops working even after getting old, because of any issue then you have to talk to customer care and share the problem with them, the customer care number will get you down.
  • Sim gets deactivated – If the sim gets deactivated due to full or due to any issue or if you do not use the sim for long term then your sim becomes inactive, for this, you have to talk to airtel customer care other customers care the number will mile you down.
  • The plan has expired – Maybe your plan has expired, you don’t have an active plan, and because of this it happens, then you will have to record it once.
  • 3G Phone – maybe your sim is 4g but your phone does not support 4g there is a very big region due to which your sim does not work then first you have to check whether your phone supports 4g or not.
  • Upgrade sim – maybe you haven’t upgraded your sim to 4g because that sim doesn’t work then first you have to check whether your sim is 4g or not if not then you have to upgrade it to 4g first.
  • Identity verified – Maybe you haven’t got your identity verified, it also happens because you have to take your identity and sim to the store and get it verified there.
  • Airplane mode – Sometimes what happens is that the network of the phone does not work due to some issue, then what you have to do for that is to turn on the airplane mode and give the thief for 10 seconds, after 10 seconds turn off the airplane mode. After that, your sim will start working.
  • Maintenance mode – You have to wait for some time because sometimes the company is engaged in maintenance due to the fact that the SIM is not working, then you have to wait for some time, if still, it is not there then you have to talk to the customer care number will mile down.
  • Change sim slot – if your sim is not working in slot one then you have to insert the sim in slot 2 sometimes such a problem also comes due to slot issues.
  • Restart – You have to restart your phone because sometimes the phone does not work properly due to excessive load on the phone, due to restart, there is a normal problem, that too gets fixed.
  • Date and Time – You also have to check the time and date of your mobile phone, sometimes this issue comes from being set to another country, then you have to set the date and time in the country in which you live.
  • System update – You also have to check the system update of your mobile phone, this is also a very important problem that causes this issue, you have to keep your device up to date.
  • Physical damage – Many times what happens that we do not know about and our SIM card is broken, the SIM card is very small, so our attention does not go there, then you have to check the SIM card once if there is physical damage. You have to get a new sim card.


Airtel sim sometimes has an issue that your sim doesn’t work sometimes which we all are worried so in this article, we told you how your sim can be fixed, you just have to read the given methods and use them. You have to resolve it by checking which issue you have.

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