[Easy way] Hitman 2 apk download for android (2022)

Welcome Readers, I Hope You All Are Well. So Today We Have Something For You And that’ is hitman 2 apk download for android In this article, you will get to know hitman 2 apk download for android. We All Know That it is a bit difficult to solve the hitman 2 apk download for andorid. So Don’t Worry I Will tell you. How to fix this problem in an easy way Or without Any Error. If you came for it, Then You Are in the Right Place to know the hitman 2 apk download for android. Here You Get All The Answers Easily!

Let’s Know about Hitman 2 android game

Hitman 2 is a video game developed by IO Interactive and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. It was the 7th installment of the Hitman video game series, its first sequel in 2016, and the second game World of assassination. In this hitman, players explore the location of 6 large sandboxes.

Hitman 2 game was released for Microsoft Windows, Play Station, and Xbox One Soon after its release in November 2018, the game started receiving positive reviews. The game’s map was sandbox design, it further enhanced the gameplay in multiplayer.

There were also mods that people loved Hitman 2 at its launch, but it did not earn much due to a crowded release on Windows and then its final installation World of assassination trilogy Hitman 3 Released on January 2021.

Many people ask how can they access the console, they do not even know how to control the game, With the link which I have given below, you will not have any problem with all this, very easily you can control the game.

That’s why you do not have to think much, all the ghosts are waiting for you, download the game and then complete the mission, but keep in mind that you have to read the requirement section because your device is eligible for the game or not.

In this, you have to kill all the anime silently. There are many weapons and gadgets in this game that will help you. After doing everything in completing the mission, you can hide the respectable body.

Gameplay with screenshot

This is a single-player adventure game, in this, you have to complete the mission, you will be given the role of agent 47, what is agent 47, this is the name of the player whose control you will get, you have to play that player, agent 47 is a killer agent 47 on international contract It works, this agency gives you mission, to complete you have to go to many worlds and keep completing the mission.


In this game, you get graphics full HD, the developers have paid attention to the smallest detail of the game, especially on the graphics, which takes the game to a very good level, and because of this, its interface is also very good, for this you have to No high-performance mobile is required, it will run in your normal phone also, its graphics will look good in the normal phone also.

All characters of Hitman 2 Game

  1. Agent 47
  2. Diana burn wood
  3. Carlton Smith
  4. Sergei Zavorotko
  5. Mystery Man
  6. Deewana Ji
  7. Emilio Vittorio
  8. Agent 17

Weapons you get to see on Hitman 2 Game

  1. Assault Rifle
  2. Grenade
  3. Flare Gun
  4. Flamethrower
  5. Carbine
  6. Bullpup
  7. Battle Rifle
  8. Mortar
  9. Machine Gun
  10. Mine
  11. Underwater Firearm
  12. UBGL
  13. Shotgun
  14. Rifle
  15. Revolver
  16. Pistol
  17. Machine Pistol
  18. Machine Gun
  20. Less-Lethal
  21. Missile Launcher
  22. Flare Gun
  23. Fictional Firearm

Hitman 2 game feature

  • Fast-paced gameplay
  • No lags or bugs
  • 3d graphics
  • HD models
  • 100 missions
  • Agent 47 main character
  • offline gameplay
  • Stealth video game
  • Gun shooting game
  • Highly compressed low size direct download apk
  • Excellent story
  • Character
  • Graphics

How to Hitman 2 apk download for android

Hitman 2 apk download for android Yes, it is true that you can download and enjoy playing it. You can directly download this game by clicking on the link given below, You will not face any problem in downloading. You can simply download it by visiting that link, We only offer authentic and original apps and links for our users. Hitman 2 apk download for android is a bit difficult because it is not available on any official website. so we will tell you how hitman 2 apk download for android, That too in an easy way without any problem.

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Steps for Hitman 2 apk for android

You Will Be Able To Use It Very Easily. You Will Not Have Any Problem In Using It. Here you will find some easy steps. Follow this to download Tekken 3 Simply follow and download it. So let’s Get Started.

Step 1. First of all, you have to click on the download button given below

Step 2. As soon as you click on the download button given below, then a Download bazaar option will come, you have to click on it.

Step 3. After that you will get the option of Download Anyway, by clicking on it, you have to download it.

Step 4. After that you will ask for 2-3 permissions, you have to give them all like security region and unknown source.

Step 5. Once installed, you have to open the app, in the top search bar you have to search Hitman 2.

Step 6. After searching, you will find many games, in which you have to click on the app with the photo of Hitman 2 and download it by clicking on the green text.

Step 7. It will take 5 to 10 minutes to download, after that you can enjoy the game.


Hitman 2 is an Android game that you will get on the play store, for which you have to pay money, but in this article, we have told you how to play the game for free, you can simply download the game by visiting the given download link. You can play and the link which we have given to you is genuine, you do not need to worry, you can simply download and play the game.


  • Do we have to use an emulator for hitman 2 on our android mobile?

No, you can control it simply

  • Do we need a high-specification phone to play this game?

No, you can play it on low specification phone also

  • Will we get hitman 2 for free on PS4?

Hitman 2 is now free on play station, you can go and play it for free but this deal is not always free so you have to purchase it to play

  • What is the size of the game?

The size of the game is 500Mb for android

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