GTA 5 android download Highly compressed [2022]

Welcome readers, we hope that you are all fine, so today we are back again with a new post for GTA 5 android download highly compressed. We all know that download GTA 5 mobile 100% working is a bit difficult to download but you do not need to worry if you have come for this how-to download this game on your android phone, then you have come to the right place. So today we will tell you in this article how you can GTA 5 android download highly compressed too for free, without any problem or error on your device so let’s start.

About – GTA 5 android download Highly compressed

The entire series of GTA games have been very popular, especially in the earlier times and still, people like to play the games of all its series and GTA 5 is one of them, GTA 5 only you get to play on PC, it is official. Not made for Android Rockstar Studio has already released three-part of GTA games for Android GTA Vice City, GTA 3, and GTA San Andreas, you will get these three games on Playstore.

But GTA 5 Android version was not released because Rockstar did not release the games they released earlier that were not portable so they stopped making games for mobile devices but there are some developers who still make games for us Are making them as if they have made GTA 5 for Android and also for iOS and now anyone can download and play the game and the good thing about this game is that no agreement or any kind of permission is required. But this is a third-party game, so you will not find it on the play store, we will tell you how to download this game.

You don’t need to root your phone to play GTA 5 game, you can play this game without a root, for this, you just need the app and obb which you can download from the below download link this game is the beta mode I am still there, people are liking this game very much and everyone wants to play this game in their Android because the feature you get in PC is the same feature you get in Android.

The gameplay of GTA 5 android download

The gameplay of GTA 5 is better than GTA San Andreas For Android. Whatever character vehicle and much more you get to see in this game, it is absolutely the same as GTA 5 PC game, it is not like this mode, then there will be any kind of difference in it, you are going to get the same feeling when you are in PC. You play this game, you do not have any kind of feeling, you can easily play this game.

You should know that the graphics of GTA 5 is not of low quality, this is not an official game, this is a mod game of GTA 5 but you are not going to have any problem playing the game, you can install it in any Android phone. Whose specs are medium, no high specs mobile is required for this but if you want to play this game smoothly on your android phone then you should try it on the latest operating system.

Story of the game

So the story of this game is such that there is a city whose name is Los Santos, that area is full of terrorists of GTA San Andreas. In GTA 5 there is a story of some people who are very bad, they are criminals, this game is especially badass. The story begins with a man named Michael De Santa who is a hooligan. He always walks around with security. He also has a man named Turbo Phillips who stays with him. In this game.

There is also a man named Trevor who is his sidekick and meets Michael Where those people form a group of three men with a black boy, the boy is very small. He wants to kill a couple who is very rich and is in a good position. All the people there are troubled by the people who spoil the blood.

This game is played third people like us and you and in this game, you get a car, bike, scooter which you can go on or you can also walk on foot, in this game you can roam freely I will give you a short Let me understand the story of this game, in this game you get missions which you have to complete by going from place to place as you pass missions you get dollars which you can buy clothes and guns by going to the game store

Gameplay screenshot

GTA 5 android download Highly compressed [2022]
GTA 5 android download Highly compressed [2022]
GTA 5 android download Highly compressed [2022]
GTA 5 android download Highly compressed [2022]

GTA 5 android download Highly compressed

NameGTA 5
CategoryAndroid games
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Key Features of GTA 5 android download highly compressed

There are many features in this game which you are going to like very much, some of them will tell you the special features which are going to be useful in playing the game.

VR mode

In this game you also get the feature of VR which means Virtual Reality which you will get a 3D feel, to enjoy it you must have a VR device, after that you have to fix it on your mobile VR device after that. You have to connect your mobile to the game controller through the wire and after that, you can enjoy the game.


As we all know that GTA 5 is not made for low devices, if you want to say this game, then for that you need a good latest version phone with high specs, the graphics of this game is very good. In this, you get HD graphics which you are going to enjoy playing the game very much and you also get the option that you can customize the graphics, so if you have a low device then you can play this game on that too.


In this game, you get a lot of dangerous missions, which you are going to have a lot of fun completing and you also get money by completing missions, you can buy clothes, cars, weapons, and many more with that money. You get to see the same mission in PC, you also get to see it, there is no difference, you are going to feel the same with PC.


When you play this game, you get a realistic feel, you will feel that you are playing the game in the real world because of the graphics of this game and you get to see the color in the game, there is a lot of balance which has been kept. You get a realistic feel in playing the game

Multiplayer mode

Yes, in this game you get a multiplayer option which you can enjoy this game with your friend’s family member. As you all know that now every game that comes, there is a multiplayer mode in it, people enjoy the game while talking, in the same way, you get the same feature in it, just for that, you will need an internet connection.

GTA 5 android download highly compressed-Instruction

  • Step 1. First of all, you have to download the zip file by clicking on the link given below
  • Step 2. After that, you have to go to the settings of your Android phone and turn on “Allow Unknown Sources” there.
  • Step 3. In the file you have downloaded, there are 2 files, one app, and the other file is obb, now you have to copy the OBB file and paste it into your Android.
  • Step 4. Go to file manager > Android > Obb
  • Step 5. Then you have to create a folder in the name of an Obb.
  • Step 6. Then you have to paste the obb file which you copy
  • Step 7. After that, you have to install the app
  • Step 8. After the app is installed you can enjoy the game

Final words:

GTA 5 is a very popular game that is made for PC, you do not get to see this game on Android but people like to play this game on your Android. You can download this game by following the given steps to download and install this game, you can download and play the game and enjoy it.


Q Is this safe to download?

Yes, all the files or apps we give you are genuine, so you can download the game without worry.

Q How to play GTA India on Android?

You can play a GTA game just like you play on an Android phone, you get control same in it.

Q. How to download GTA 5 on android?

In this article, you have been told how you can download this game, you just have to follow the steps.

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