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Project IGI is a very good video game where you have to complete some interesting missions, you are going to have a lot of fun while playing this game, So today we will talk about this game in this post, How to IGI 2 download for PC

About: IGI 2 download for Pc

If you want to play shooting games or you like shooting games, Then you are going to like this game very much. I.G.I.-2: Covert Strike, known in the PAL region as Project I.G.I. 2, was launched in 2003 for windows. This is a tactical shooter video game.

If you want to IGI 2 download for Pc, you’ve come to the right place, This game was developed by Innerloop Studios and released only single-player, play. This game is completely designed for a secret mission. Project IGI 2 is the sequel of Project IGI, Project IGI was a very popular game. IGI 2 is a very clean and fully HD Graphics game, You get to complete many missions here.

IGI 2 is a multiplayer game where you can play 2 people at the same time in this, you get Full HD graphics which you do not get in IGI In it, you can play single-player only not can play multiplayer. IGI 2 has two modes one single-player, and another multiplayer, In IGI 2 you get a total of 19 missions which you have to complete. The mission will get harder as you go on a winning mission.

This will give you more interest in playing the game. As you go through the missions you will get new tasks and you have to complete the mission before the mission ends.

As the mission progresses you’ll have to face and kill even more groups of enemies to win the mission, To download IGI 2 you will need to have 128 MB RAM and you will need 1.5 GB of hard disk space. This is a very lightweight game, Or it will run very smoothly on your Pc, This is a very good game for people who love missions games.

IGI 2 download for Pc

If you also want to play the game, You can download IGI 2 Download for PC in this way following the steps given below. You will not have any problem downloading. You can download the game simply, there is no official website of this game from where you can download this game but you do not need to worry, all the steps you have to follow in this article it is being told that you can download it in this way by following them, You can download it without any error.

We have highlighted the main points in some categories!

The objective of the game?

In the beginning, you get a secret mission on a mountain base, And then when you reach the mountain base, then the mission becomes even more difficult, you have to face a lot of enemies and kill them and after you complete the mission, then the next mission starts like As the mission is completed, the mission becomes difficult and you find every mission interesting.

The gameplay of the IGI 2 download for Pc

The gameplay of this game is very smooth and clear and its graphics are also full HD which enhances your gaming performance and makes you enjoy gaming even more. You do not get this experience in an IGI game, the graphics are not good and neither is it smooth gameplay.

There is a man who is trapped in an area and surrounded by enemies who have dangerous weapons, he has to eliminate all those enemies and get out of it

About the missions

This game is divided into a total of 19 parts, the total is 19 missions, as you pass the mission, the mission becomes difficult, all the missions are locked, and before playing them, you have to pass the previous mission.

Screenshot of the game of the whole mission

System requirements to IGI 2 download for Pc

Operating SYSTEM Windows XP/ Windows Vista/ Windows 7/ Windows 8 and 8.1 And Win 10, Or Win 11 also
RAM 512
CPU Pentium 4 1.4GHz
AUTHOR Codemaster

All weapons of IGI 2 download for pc All weapon

  • Knives: Combat Knife
  • Sidearms: Makarov, G17SD, Glock 17, Colt Anaconda, Desert Eagle, SOCOM, SMG-2
  • Submachine Guns: MAC-10, Uzi, MP5A3, MP5SD3, Type 64, Twin Uzi
  • Assault Rifles: AK-47, G36, M16A2, AUG, G11
  • Sniper Rifles: SVD Dragunov, PSG-1, PSG-1SD, M82A1, M82A1-T
  • Shotguns: SPAS-12, M1014, Jackhammer
  • Heavy Weapons: LAW 80, RPG-7, FN Minimi
  • Explosives: Hand Grenade, CR-4 explosives
  • Miscellaneous: M2HB

IGI 2 PC Controls Keyboard & Mouse pad


J / Numpad+ shop
Y / Numpad* Radio
U / Numpad- Squad Radio
. Say
/ Team say
K Change Teams
Tab / Backspace Scores
` Console
F / F11 Buy Primary Ammo
F / F12 Buy Sidearm Ammo


Left Mouse Botton / Left Ctrl Fire
Right Mouse Botton Alternate Fire
F / ] Next Weapons
V/ ] Previous Weapons
R / Return Reload
G / Return Down Drop Weapons
1 / Numpad 1 Select Primary Weapons
2 / Numpad 2 Select Sidearm
3 / Numpad 3 Select Knife
4 / Numpad 4 Select Grenades
5 / Numpad 5 Select C4 bomb
6 / Numpad 6 Select proximity Mine
7 / Numpad 7 Select Laser Designator
9 / Numpad 9 Select Medical Syringe
0 / Numpad / Inventory

Actions & Equipments

E / Right Shift Action
\ or Numpad Peek
B / Home Binoculars
H / Mouse wheel up Zoom In
N / Mouse wheel down Zoom Out
T / Page up Thermal Goggles
M / Numpad Enter View Map
L View Logo
O View Objectives
I Contact IGI HQ
F7 Quick Load


W / Up Arrow Move forwards
S / Down Arrow Move backward
A / Left Arrow Move leftward
D / Right Arrow Move rightward
X Turn left
C Turn right
Shift Sprint
Space bar / Numpad 0 Jump
Left Shift / Right Ctrl Crouch
Q / Insert Raise Stance
Z / Delete Lower Stance
3 Toggle Stand / Lie Flat
Caps lock / End Toggle Walk / Run
3 Modify Walk / Run

[Instruction] How to IGI 2 download for Pc

Follow all the steps given below to download the IGI 2 for Pc

Step 1. First, you download the zip file by clicking on the download button given below.

Step 2. In whichever disk you want to save the file on, save the file on that disk.

Step 3. Then you have to extract the zip file which you have downloaded

Step 4. After that open that file and by double-clicking on it, a setup option will come in front of you, you have to click on it.

Step 5. After that the setup will start, it will not take much time, and it will happen very quickly.

Step 6. After that, you have to click on the Next button, after clicking, select the disc in which you want to install the game. And install it

Step 7. And you can see that the game has started to install, even in this you will not take much time, more than 2 minutes after that your game will be downloaded successfully.

Step 8. And now you play the game and enjoy


If you also want to play shooting games, then IGI 2 will be a great game for you. IGI 2 is the game in which you get missions and have to complete that mission. In IGI 2 you have to complete the mission, go to the download link given in this article, and download and install it by following the instruction and enjoying the game.

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